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Daniel Small, Assistant Forestry Consultant

Who are you?  My Name is Daniel Small, I am an Assistant Forestry Consultant.  I have been working at Lockhart Garratt since I graduated from Northampton University in 2014.

What do you do?  As a Forestry Consultant, I manage trees and woodland in varying contexts from country estates to housing developments. Primarily, I manage timber harvesting, woodland creation, grant applications, pest control and habitat improvement.

What project have you found particularly interesting to be involved with?  Thinning of an Ancient Woodland in Cambridgeshire.  It was one of the first harvesting sites I had managed and being fresh from finishing University it was a great chance to see “proper” forestry equipment working in the woods.  This project caught my interest for several reasons:

  • It was in a woodland that had been there since at least 1600AD and was being managed with high tech machinery, which shows how new timber harvesting machinery can be used in all types of woodland to great effect.
  • The woodland was managed sensitively to protect the highly valuable ancient woodland habitat.  The low ground pressure on the large flotation tyres protected the soil structure from damage that could have happened with smaller machinery.
  • Seeing how the woodland has recovered and grown since the thinning was completed has given me first-hand experience of how a woodland reacts to a thinning intervention and the benefits of woodland management.

Burleigh Heads, Queensland – September 2016

What has been your favourite Lockhart Garratt moment to date?:  My favourite experiences at Lockhart Garratt have been meeting such a wide range of people, including; employees of the company, clients, contractors and members of public.  I find it so interesting to hear different people’s opinions, views and thoughts on different topics and issues.  Being part of a multi-function office means that if I have badgers on a forestry site I can speak face to face with an Ecologist and if one of our Landscape Architects wants to design a woodland I can provide them with an example of a maintenance programme in minutes.

What are you interests and hobbies?  I have many passions and almost all of them involve being outside.  I can be found beating or behind the peg on local shoots, skiing on snowy mountains, surfing north Devon waves, climbing rocky crags or in my workshop at home working on my next DIY project.  I also love to travel to experience different cultures and food.  Next on my list will be to visit Canada and South America.


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To speak to Daniel, or any of our Forestry Consultants please contact 01536 408840.

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