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Who are you:  My name is Ewan Ryan and I am an Arboricultural Graduate Assistant based in the Chipping Norton office. I have been working for Lockhart Garratt (LG) since I graduated from the University of Worcester in the summer of 2017. I had previously worked as a contractor in the Arboricultural sector.


What do you do: Following successful completion of my probationary period, I am now fully enrolled on LG’s bespoke Graduate Training Programme which looks to work within all areas of the business. This will develop an inherent knowledge of the roles and functions within each business unit of LG and allow additional support to be provided if, and when it is needed. I primarily work within the Arboricultural business unit in which I work closely with all of the consultants to provide Arboricultural expertise to a wide range of clients. The main processes I have been involved with is in assisting clients with development projects and helping clients manage the risks associated with trees.


Green oak cabin, built by Ewan

What project have you found particularly interesting to be involved with? I have already been involved with a wide variety of projects but one which stands out was my first full project. This was a job in which I was involved with from the start, undertaking the initial tree survey, producing a number of plans and then writing the subsequent reports. It was a very satisfying experience to have completed a full project myself and gain the experience and understanding needed for future work.


What has been your favourite Lockhart Garratt moment to date? In the short amount of time I have been with the company I’ve already had a number of good times such as interesting site visits and the Christmas Party. However, so far my favourite moment was actually finding out I had got the job. As a very recent graduate it was great to find out I had managed to find employment straight out of university. I had also heard that LG had a good reputation so believed that this was a fantastic place for my first professional role within the industry.


What are your interests and hobbies? I work closely with a cardiac rehabilitation charity in my home region of South Wales. I have raised money by taking part in charity bike rides and made a short film aimed at helping young people who have been affected by cardiac events. I enjoy woodworking and have recently built a green oak cabin.  I am a keen mountain biker, climber and surfer spending a lot of my weekends up in the mountains or down by the sea with friends and family!

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