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Lockhart Garratt’s landscape architect and Building with Nature assessor Richard Heath is working with Rockingham Forest Park to support the holiday site in working towards a full Building with Nature accreditation.

Located in Northamptonshire, Rockingham Forest Park is the first location in the Landal GreenParks group of holiday parks to start working towards this prestigious environmental accreditation.

By registering for the assessment, Rockingham Forest Park is committing to the highest standards of landscape-led design to complement its rural surroundings. Working towards accreditation involves a meticulous independent assessment of Rockingham Forest Park’s delivery of good green infrastructure.

Richard comments: “I am very much looking forward to working on the Rockingham Forest Park project; I will be steering and advising the team through every stage of the design development process, including design plans, assessment reports and survey data. Offering regular reviews and feedback will ensure a collaborative, landscape-led approach from the team to what is a rigorous and demanding process.”

Demonstrating a genuine commitment to green infrastructure

Richard adds: “I am delighted by Rockingham Forest Park’s firm commitment to their green infrastructure which includes a number of assets from wildlife sites housing protected species, to footpaths, to a range of waterbodies. This approach will help ensure the protection and preservation of important habitats and the species that use them, at the same time as providing authentic recreational and educational experiences of the natural world for their guests.”

Building with Nature is the UK’s first green infrastructure benchmark devised to ensure quality and consistency in the design, delivery and maintenance of green infrastructure according to key elements such as wellbeing, water and wildlife. Unlike mandatory planning requirements such as the Biodiversity Impact Assessment, the Building with Nature Full Award is a voluntary accreditation, demonstrating the Landal Group’s commitment to the natural environment.

The organisation has created an open source set of quality standards, a how-to guide for planners and developers and an accreditation system for policy and development, to help to secure benefits for people and wildlife, now and long into the future.

Connecting people and nature

Sandra Tuck, Head of Accreditation at Building with Nature is delighted that Rockingham Forest Park is committing to an ethos of nature-friendly development from the design stage through to completion.

“We applaud Rockingham Forest Park’s commitment to supporting nature’s recovery, enabling people to lead healthier lives and reducing the impact of climate change by registering to apply for a Building with Nature Full Award,” comments Sandra. “Furthermore, we are confident that Richard and Lockhart Garratt will support the design team to deliver a scheme that connects people to the natural world and enhances the Nature Recovery Network.”

Rockingham Forest Park will submit its application for a Building with Nature Full Award later this year. If the application is successful, the park will achieve the Building with Nature Full Award, subject to a 12-month post-construction check. This check ensures that site management and maintenance plans are working effectively and demonstrates Rockingham Forest Park’s long-term commitment to high-quality green infrastructure.

For more information about how Lockhart Garratt can support you in working towards a Building with Nature accreditation, call Richard Heath 0779 476 436 or email

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