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From left to right (back): Simon Muddiman, Justin Mumford, Nicola Wilkins, Robin Truslove, Dionne MacDermott and Ian Dudley. From left to right (front): Matthew Willetts, John Lockhart, Victoria Sherbourne, Marie Allcoat, Liz McGhee and Alison Barrett.

It’s not often that being compared to an old oak tree would be considered a compliment, but it is here at Lockhart Garratt.

This month (November) marked a celebration of all Lockhart Garratt staff who have been with the company for over ten years.  That’s 12 staff clocking up a total of 162 years’ service between them – the equivalent time it takes for an oak tree to grow to maturity.  As specialists in a range of environmental issues including arboriculture, ecology and woodland management, the analogy was particularly appropriate.

“We strive to be the go-to experts in the industry and having a group of consultants with so much experience in their specialist areas is key,” explains John Lockhart, Chairman of Lockhart Garratt.

“The 162 years that these long-standing members of staff have been with us is equivalent to the age of a mature oak tree. And, just like the beautiful British woodland, our team is improving with age as we gain more experience.”

Hand-turned wooden bowls

Of our 35 team members, 12 have been at Lockhart Garratt for more than ten years.  To mark the achievement each of the 12 staff members received a hand-turned wooden bowl on their 10-year anniversary, and enjoyed a celebration lunch and formal presentation by John Lockhart and Justin Mumford.

Senior forestry and environmental consultants, a mapping specialist and a landscape architect were amongst those presented with the award, as were office-based individuals including 2 PAs, a receptionist, a marketing executive and the finance director.

“We feel that creating and retaining such a skilled team of people for over a decade demonstrates our commitment to both staff and clients,” comments Justin Mumford.  “We are also complementing our growing team with new people who bring fresh ideas and experiences to ensure that we have a great balance of skills and knowledge for the future.”

In 2018, we will celebrate are own 20-year anniversary, and we look forward to keeping you updated on our celebrations.

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