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The Forestry Commission have released documents for the 2018 woodland creation grant.  These will allow applicants to start thinking about their woodland creation ideas in preparation for the application window opening on 2nd January.  The Government have committed to planting 11 million trees by 2020, and as part of this have allocated £13 million fund for the 18/19 Woodland Creation Grant to plant over 3 million trees.

The grant covers the planting of individual trees and their protection, which can be in the form of shelters or fencing, below is an example of the options and funding available:

  • Supply and plant of individual tree with spiral guard – £1.28/unit
  • Individual tree shelter – £1.60/unit
  • Sheep Netting – £4.90/m
  • Deer fencing – £7.20/m

There is also support available from the Forestry Commission, called the Woodland Creation Planning Grant (WCPG), to fund desk and field based studies which assist in the planning of your woodland. The Grant will pay a fixed sum of £1000.00 per desk based survey, and a further £150.00/ha for the field based surveys. The eligibility requirements for this grant are that the total area of the woodland creation is over 10 ha and at least 70% of the species in the proposed new woodland must be productive.

For woodland over 10ha in size there is another option for grant funded planting through the Forestry Commission, the Woodland Carbon Fund (WCF). It pays £6800/ha or £8500/ha, if you are willing to open the woodland up for public access. It has the added benefit over the Countryside Stewardship grants that there is no restrictions on species mixes, so you can plant the species you want as long as they are productive.

If you are interested in planting woodland in your poorly cropping field corners, to protect your farm soils or to enhance your local habitat for wildlife and gamebirds, please get in touch with our forestry team to start developing your application.

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