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On 15 & 19 June 2020 Lockhart Garratt Practitioners from our Ecology and Landscape teams (plus John Lockhart and Justin Mumford) attended and completed the Chartered Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management (CIEEM) ‘Biodiversity Net Gain Through Development’ course.

The training covered the design of Biodiversity Net Gain for a development project including embedding Biodiversity Net Gain during the early stages through to Ecological Impact Assessments and detailed project design.

With this extended knowledge all of our team now fully understand Biodiversity Net Gain in the context of the good practice principles, national strategy and planning policy.  They can identify and incorporate the key aspects of designing Biodiversity Net Gain and understand good practice for evidencing Biodiversity Net Gain including managing and monitoring plans.

John Lockhart comments:


This is a critical area of opportunity for our sector and this training has helped develop the teams understanding of the way our suite of specialist services can work together effectively to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions.  As a business we have expertise in both design and long term delivery which help to provide certainty and minimise risk.


If you would like to discuss Biodiversity Net Gain please contact John Lockhart or Joanne Alderton in the first instance.

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