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Experience on numerous projects over the past few seasons has highlighted a mixed understanding of ecological and environmental issues in the planning process.  Combined with inconsistent responses from Local Planning Authorities and stakeholders, this very often results in last minute delays and additional costs.  In many circumstances these unanticipated delays and costs can be predicted, planned for and potentially avoided.

With these issues in mind Lockhart Garratt (LG) made the decision to run a series of half-day workshops to developers, housebuilders, planners, architects and project managers.  The aim, to provide a technical update, and outline how these issues should be best approached and addressed through the planning process, following the structure as set out in a Biodiversity Planning Guideline document prepared by LG’s ecology team.

The first workshop was run on 28th November 2016 at the Harborough Innovation Centre, and the second on 8th December at The Holt Hotel in Bicester.  Both events were well attended by a diverse group of industry professionals.  To ensure engaged discussions, a balance of presentations and workshop sessions were provided.  The workshop sessions were structured around case study examples specifically selected to highlight key issues and a range of project types and scale.

The event was well received, with positive feedback still flowing in; and even requests for similar events in the future.

Understanding the key dates that can impact so much on a development programme and finding the ecology windows to mitigate commercial risk and delay was one of a number of factors I took from the relaxed and informative presentation and workshop Lockhart Garratt invited me to attend.  Alan Wordie (Endurance Property)


The Workshop was extremely useful and helped to dispel some of the fears normally associated with ecology.  The interactive site-specific section was particularly enjoyable to participate in.  The Biodiversity Planning Guidance supplied was also very helpful and extremely informative.  Toby Haselwood (Sworders)


If you would be interested in attending similar future events please email Victoria Sherbourne.

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