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Fire - Website versionAre you meeting the new requirements?

Biomass users who claim, or are planning to claim, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will be required to meet stricter criteria relating to where their biomass comes from. This is particularly relevant to those who self-supply their own biomass boiler.


In brief:

  • All RHI claimants must meet a lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions target of 60% GHG savings against the EU fossil fuel average from Autumn 2014;
  • The clearest method of demonstrating this is to source fuel from a provider registered on theBiomass Suppliers List(this will include fuel purchased now for use later);
  • Self-supplier must register on the Biomass Suppliers List, which is now open for registrations, to demonstrate sustainable supply; and
  • Registration on the Biomass Suppliers List will require evidence of sustainability, such as an approved Forestry Commission Woodland Management Plan.

These new criteria relate to both Domestic and Non-domestic biomass users who must now demonstrate more clearly the sustainability of their fuel source. This can easily be demonstrated by sourcing your fuel from a provider who is registered on the Biomass Suppliers List, which was launched last week, and relates to fuel purchased now which may be used later, so stock pile conscientiously. Once the criteria comes into force RHI claims which are unaccompanied by such evidence, will be rejected.

WMP PIcEstates providing their own biomass fuel,must register on the Biomass Suppliers List and provide evidence to support sustainability – a Forestry Commission Woodland Management Plan will satisfy this requirement. TheBiomass Suppliers List is open for registration now and early registration is advised.

To ensure you are ready for this change in the rules, whether you are currently using biomass or planning to, please contact us for support on registering on the Biomass Suppliers List and to prepare your Woodland Management Plan, or to ensure your current plan is up to the standard to support your self-supplying aspirations.

In addition to these new sustainability requirements, any woodfuel project should strongly consider the availability of feedstock as a matter of course as it is the crux of a successful system. Accurate understanding of your woodland holding, fuel production methods and fuel supply system are all fundamental and we can support you with this from creating woodland plans to advising on your biomass installation and fuel storage.

For further information please contact Andrew MacDermott or Justin Mumford(01536 408840) to discuss your queries and how these new requirements might affect you.

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