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The Forestry Commission have today (09/11/17) announced the launch of the new first phase of the HS2 Woodland Fund. The first £1million has been released and applications can be submitted from January 2018.

Will my land be eligible?

Land within 25 miles of the HS2 Phase Act Limits from London to the West Midlands is where this new grant is being targeted – see the 25 mile buffer map to check if your land is eligible.

Land marginally outside of the buffer may also be considered for this new funding (discretionary) if proposals are going to make a significant positive improvement to the environment.

What is funded?
  • Native Woodland Creation – funding of up to £8,500 per (gross) hectare, plus maintenance payments of £200 per hectare, per year for 10 years paid at years 5 and 10.
  • PAWS Restoration – up to £4,000 per (net) hectare of planting, with additional payments for protection measures such as guards, fences and gates.
  • Capital Items – a range of items are available within the above capped rates including fencing, gates, deer control apparatus and invasive species control.  Each capital item has been assigned a higher standard cost in comparison to Countryside Stewardship . 100% of standard costs paid.

Don’t delay!  If you are thinking about creating a new native woodland or carrying out PAWS restoration, and you are located within the buffer areas – please call 01536 408840 and ask to speak to our Forestry Team to discuss the opportunity further.



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