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On Monday 8th October we were delighted to host our eighth business breakfast at The Great Barn in Aynho.

This event tied in with the launch of Grown in Britain (GiB) week so we were excited to have Dougal Driver, CEO of GiB as our key speaker.

The audience of over 40 people was comprised of land agents and owners, educators, support groups and timber merchants as well as representatives from government organisations, and local government. Dougal’s talk addressed a range of areas including an introduction to Grown in Britain Week as well as explaining why architects and builders  should buy British timber. Dougal also talked about how timber supply chains work in the UK, emphasising the importance of environmental and social credibility.

Grown in Britain is an independent not-for-profit organisation that supports woodland and forests by assuring timber products through a licensing scheme with a trademark that helps to ensure a thriving, home grown supply chain.

John Lockhart, Chairman of Lockhart Garratt, felt that the event highlighted critical issues with the timber industry saying: “Although the British timber industry is currently in a very good place, it’s important to ensure that we are sourcing quality timber products and bringing these into the supply chain. With demand likely to remain high, there are also concerns around the ability to sustain supply. However, with the promise of a good reward at the end of the growth cycle, producers can afford to invest more in their crops to ensure a good yield and that crucially, these crops mature more quickly. Dougal’s presentation highlighted the key issues perfectly.”

According to the Forestry Commission’s Standing Sales Index, timber prices have risen significantly over the last two years with a rise of 33% in the year to March 2018, which followed on from a rise of 12% rise in the previous year.

Grown in Britain Week took place between 8th and 14th October. The aim of the event is to celebrate and raise awareness of woodland and forests and the stunning natural materials that they provide.

To discuss your timber or woodland management opportunities please do give our forestry team a call on 01536 408840.


We are currently working on our programme of events for 2019, so keep an eye on our website and social media for further details.

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