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Extension to the Annual Claim deadline for Countryside Stewardship, Environmental Stewardship and Basic Payment Scheme

The window to claim annual payments has now been extended to 15th June 2020 to submit your claims

You are still encouraged to submit your claim as soon as possible.  The Forestry Commission are still accepting claims via email and post, but due to postal delivery delays you are encouraged to email your claim or to obtain proof of posting a claim in the event that it might be delayed.

This extension also applies to claims relating to the Forestry Commission Farm Woodland Schemes.

If you require assistance with a grant claim, please do contact our Forestry Team.


Countryside Stewardship Higher Tier deadline remains unchanged as 1st May 2020

Applications are to be submitted as soon as possible

The deadline for submitting applications to the CS Higher Tier remains as 1st May 2020.  If you have any problems and feel like you may not be able to meet the deadline please contact the Rural Payments Agency ( / 03000 200 301) or alternatively our Forestry Team who can support you with all applications.

Countryside Stewardship revenue payments for 2019 continue to be made and have been since January.  These payments are being made as one instalment instead of two as in previous years.  If any of our existing clients have not received their payment by the 1st July 2020 then please do contact us.

Invitations to apply for Woodland Creation Maintenance revenue grant of 10 year (Option WD1) are due to be sent over the next 4-8 weeks, if not already, to eligible applicants and their agents.  These are likely to be issued to the main email address registered with the Rural Payments Agency.  Please contact us should you like us to support you with an application and / or forward the application to us so that we can complete it on your behalf.  If by early June an invitation with application hasn’t been received but was expected please contact us and we will follow this up with the Rural Payments Agency.


Forestry Commission Site Visits

The Forestry Commission have relaxed the site visit suspension for priority work.

In order to support the sector and keep the Forestry Commission processes moving they will now conduct priority regulatory site visits where possible whilst following advice on social distancing.  The Commission will be keeping this under review and will inform you of changes as needed.



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