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January has seen the window open on various different grants and schemes in the forestry industry from the Forestry Commission, National Forest, The Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment and Network Rail.

Follow the links below for further information.


HS2 Woodland Fund >>

Providing woodland owners and land managers within a 25 mile buffer around the Phase One Act Limits with funding for Native Woodland Creations and PAWS Restoration.


Countryside Stewardship Higher Tier >>

Providing support towards woodland improvement activities for a period of five years.


Countryside Stewardship Hedgerows and Boundaries >>

A standalone Capital Grant aimed at restoring existing farm boundaries such as hedgerows and stone walls.


The National Forest Changing Landscapes Scheme >>

A scheme focused on the creation of new woodland and associated habitats, offering attractive funding to a wide range of projects.


No Net Loss of Biodiversity on the Greater West Programme >>

The Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment and Network Rail are working together to offer an exciting opportunity for biodiversity in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.


Should you wish to discuss any of the above schemes in further detail please contact our Forestry Team on 01536 408840.

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