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GCN located on site in West Yorkshire

The survey season for Great Crested Newts is a precise and relatively short window of time and therefore if you are looking to instruct surveys for this year, you will need to instruct your Ecologists by the end of March.  Great Crested Newt surveys require at least 3 surveys between mid-April and mid-May with a possible 3 further surveys between mid-May and mid-June.

Before surveys can begin landowners consent needs to be obtained so that the site can be assessed, and any ponds within a 500m of the proposed development located.  If Great Crested Newts are present then specific protection measures and possibly licences will be required to undertake the proposed work.  This is to ensure that the legislation protecting this species is complied with.

Our Ecology Team is fully trained and licensed in working with most protected species, and can be trusted to deliver practical and innovative solutions to small or large scale projects nationwide.  To discuss you surveying requirements contact us on 01536 408840 /  



For further information on the full suite of surveys our team can provide, and the timings of these please visit our new and improved online Ecology Calendar.

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