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New woodland planting

The Forestry Commission announced on 27th February that a further £4 million of funding has been allocated to support both woodland creation and the management of ancient woodland.

Sites within 25 miles of the HS2 route from London to Stafford are eligible for application.  Click here to view HS2 buffer map.

Woodland planting within tree shelters can be funded by a capital grant at £3.60 per unit which, in most cases (i.e. 0.75-1.2m shelters), will fully cover implementation costs.

A further £2,000 per hectare is then payable as half of that figure in year 5 and half in year 10, to support the effective establishment of the trees.

For more information please call Robin Truslove (Senior Forestry Consultant) on 07879 437255 who will be happy to arrange a site meeting and assist with scheme design and grant application.

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