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Justin MumfordJustin Mumford will be speaking at the Farm Business Innovation 2013 event on 29th November.

From 12.00 – 12.45 in Hall 4 come and hear Justin’s talk on “Making Woodland Work – Why you should manage your woods”.

Are you missing out on something special? With nearly 50% of the woodlands in England currently considered as unmanaged, many woodland owners are.

Well managed woodlands not only help increase the value of timber and the capital value of the land, but also ensure that trees remain resilient and robust in an age where climate change and pest and diseases constanly throw up new challenges. Whether it be for economic return, conservation or just simply enjoyment, woodland management is vital.

Justin will explore the reasons why woodlands need to be managed, what simple tasks you should be doing to meet a multitude of objectives and how to benefit financially through grants, timber sales and tax planning.

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