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On 22nd January Defra published a host of materials under the banner ‘Enabling a Natural Capital Approach’ (ENCA).

The suite of materials include a:

  • Guidance;
  • Assessment template;
  • Services databook;
  • Assets databook;
  • Featured tools;
  • Case studies; and
  • Contact information.

In Defra’s words, these are “data, guidance and tools to help you understand natural capital and know how to take it into account”.

The ENCA resources have been developed to provide guidance for:

  • government economists or analysts;
  • public sector organisations interested in understanding the scientific and economic evidence around the natural environment; and
  • private practitioners, interested in natural capital evidence, tools and resources used in government.

The guidance itself aims to:

  • build capacity among users to assess and value the natural environment by providing comprehensive information and resources;
  • reduce search costs for analysts and decision makers;
  • provide a platform to update tools and guidance as knowledge develops; and
  • identify new evidence and areas for development.

From Lockhart Garratt’s point of view it is great to see this guidance coming forward.  It ties in closely with our approach in developing a product that is going to be effective and valuable for Estates and Landowners, providing them with a good understanding of their natural capital flows and opportunities, allowing them to develop their thinking and planning in this area.

All of the above mentioned material can be located here.

If you would like to discuss natural capital in further details please contact either Ian Dudley or John Lockhart on 01536 408840.

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