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Ecology has had a fantastic surveying season this year with a huge range of protected species surveys on a variety of interesting and challenging sites.

The below graphic shows just how busy our ecology team have been.

In addition to the above we have also prepared 4 badger licence applications and found our largest peak population of Great Crested Newts in a singular pond – a massive 157.

We have also been involved in some very large and complex Countryside Stewardship applications including a whole estate scheme encompassing both in house and tenanted land, and a scheme focussed on a regionally important SSSI and is associated setting.  We have also been involved in the Ecosystem Services Assessment for the proposed Tresham Garden Village in North Northants that has helped to set out a case for environmental nett gain.

For 2019 we advise that you plan your surveys in early, especially your Phase 1 surveys, to avoid any delays with your planning applications and Natural England licences.

We are currently in the wintering bird surveying season, so if you own a large site you need to consider these surveys now to allow for planning application submission by the end of next year.  Other surveys that can also be undertaken during the winter months include; daytime bat inspections, badger surveys and otter surveys.

Want to discuss your surveying requirements?  Contact our Ecology team on 01536 408840.


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