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Cambridgeshire, 9th November 2017

Housebuilders, developers, planners, architects and project managers learned about a range of important ecological planing issues at our November workshops held in Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.

The workshops provided attendees with ecological updates and outlined how best to approach and resolve common issues encountered throughout the planning process.

“There appears to be a differing level of understanding around a whole range of ecological and environmental matters within the planing process”, explains James Hildreth, Principal Ecological Consultant.  “Combined with inconsistent responses from local planning authorities and stakeholders, this means that problems can arise causing delays and additional costs”.

“As part of the workshops we outlined how these issues should be best approached and addressed throughout the whole planning process.  Both events were very successful and we have received positive feedback from all attendees rating the events as either very good or excellent”.

Northamptonshire, 21st November 2017

The events comprised a range of presentations and workshop sessions, which included practical activities and real life scenarios to highlight the different issues that could occur in a typical project.

Steven Bateman of Grace Homes comments: “It was a very useful morning and it as a good opportunity to meet other people in the same industry”.

Katie Hilton of Cheffins commented: “The workshop was excellent.  Gaining positive outcomes for biodiversity in the context of development is not easy and I thought the workshop spoke about it from a thoughtful and sensitive viewpoint”.

John Lockhart adds, “We have been delighted to offer these workshops as a platform to provide critical technical knowledge and skills to clients and contacts to help to develop better understanding and engagement across the sector.  We are looking to run further events in the future and would urge anyone interested in attending, or with ideas for topics that they would like covered, to get in touch”.

Details of further workshops will be posted on our website in early 2018.  If you would like to express your interest in these events early, then please email Victoria Sherbourne, Marketing Executive,


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