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On 10th January 2017 Carolyne Locher, writer for the Forestry Journal, accompanied our Managing Director, Justin Mumford, on a typical working day for a Forester.  The article was published and included in the Forestry Journal, March 2017 edition (p19).

“Ice-covered puddles crack pleasingly underfoot on a track leading to English Farms’ ten-hectare woodlands.  Chartered Forester, Chartered Environmentalist and Managing Director of Lockhart Garratt Justin Mumford writes out his ‘Point of Work’ risk assessment form, photographs it, and uploads it to the client file.

Slivers of winter sunlight silhouette a Timberjack 1110C and contracter Geoff Edwards waiting at the woodland gate.  The forwarder’s trailer is full with the last of five loads of ash and sycamore, cut motor-manually, on a 30 per cent thinning.  In two years’ time, these stems will be further reduced into 500 billets, some of the 30tonnes of biomass needed per year to heat an outdoor lap pool at the property….”

To read the full Forestry Journal article please click here.


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