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Earlier this week new information was released regarding Countryside Stewardship.

There is now an action to submit a Countryside Stewardship application this year.  The first stage is to submit an Expression of Interest form or a draft application form, depending on which elements you are applying for.

The Expression of Interest form will be required for all Countryside Stewardship applications which include agri-environment elements.  This form must be completed and submitted by 30th June 2015.

For woodland only applications a draft application must be made by 31st July 2015.  Forms for this element of the scheme are to be released on 1st July 2015.

CS Final Pic

Further guidance on the Countryside Stewardship scheme can be found here.

If you would like support in completing any of the above then please feel free to contact one of ourForestry team on 01536 408840.

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