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Get your Countryside Stewardship woodland grant applications in before 8 July if you want to plant this winter.

In an eArlert circulated by the Forestry Commission on 18th June, they advised that the Countryside Stewardship Woodland Management Planning GrantWoodland Creation Grant and Woodland Tree Health Grant schemes are changing.  Any agreements starting after 1 January 2021 will be made under domestic (UK), not EU, regulations.  Agreements made under domestic regulations will offer the same payments currently on offer through the current EU scheme.  These changes will also have no impact on existing Countryside Stewardship woodland creation, woodland tree health and woodland management planning agreements starting before 1 January 2021.

We would encourage any potential applicants who want to plant during this winter planting season (2020/21) to submit their Woodland Creation and Woodland Tree Health applications in good time, allowing at least 5 months for processing.  If you want to plant before January 2021 you must apply before 8 July 2020.

The Woodland Management Planning Grant will not be transitioned until the Autumn.

If applicants wish to apply under the domestic regulations, applications can be applied for before 1 January 2021, but the agreement cannot start until after this date. The revised application forms for woodland creation and woodland tree health will be available, on line, from 15 July 2020.


If you need any support with your applications, or would simply like some advice on what grant scheme might be available to you, then please contact our Forestry Team.


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