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Article prepared by Cheryl Lundberg, Senior Forestry Consultant

Area pre-translocation

In my role as Senior Forestry Consultant, I have recently been involved in organising and overseeing the translocation of trees on a client’s estate.  The client in question took the decision to move part of an avenue of Sycamores planted by his late father from peripheral estate land, to a location close to the farm which lies adjacent to his family park.  The avenue has great sentimental value and the trees are being moved to a location in which they can be enjoyed by a wider audience, as well as closer to the heart of the Estate.


Following a tendering process, Bruntingthorpe were engaged as the contractor and used their tree spade to translocate the trees one by one.  David Walton and his team worked carefully and effectively to uplift the trees and plant them in their new avenue location next to the farm.  Their working processes and excellent communication ensured a thorough and safe job was done.

Tree Spade

Stop that tree!


The first recipient planting location is dug out by the tree-spade, which provides for all of the resulting pits being in-filled.  Two of the largest trees were guyed to provide stability.  The trees being translocated had their crowns reduced by around 30% to lower transpiration and to help ensure their chances of survival.  A watering system has been installed and all of the trees have burst bud.




Translocation can be a risky operation, especially with larger trees.  However, with careful watering, we hope that all of the trees will survive and develop as another handsome feature of this lovely estate.

Tree in its new home


Avenue post-translocation

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