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Within previous editions of our newsletters we have sought to keep you updated on the emerging position in relation to both Biodiversity Net Gain and the wider aspiration of Environmental Net Gain.  For those of you who missed our excellent Webinar on “Making sense of environmental gain” with Natural Capital Solutions and the North Northants Joint Planning and Development Unit it can be downloaded here.


Following requests from several corners, and as mentioned in our last newsletter of 2020, we are delighted to announce that we have now produced a guidance note that will act as a simple guide to explain the development of the emerging policies and legislation and their anticipated  application.  As a signpost to further information, relevant tools and documents, we have also developed a dedicated web portal to keep you fully up to date on Lockhart Garratt and industry updates.

Whilst the changes in this area have been widely publicised, there is still a great deal of confusion around the likely impacts and the most appropriate response.

Our view has always been that knowledge and understanding will be key.  We feel that the current direction of travel offers as many opportunities as it does risks.  With the increased public understanding of the importance of the natural environment in so many aspects of our lives, working with nature will deliver projects of higher value both commercially and for our environment.

In conjunction with the guidance note, we are also delighted to highlight our Building with Nature benchmarking service.  Further details can be accessed here.

Support and Engagement:  Whilst we hope you find these notes of value, we are happy to provide further support as required.  We are now able to provide bespoke training, tailored to your organisation,  on the principles of biodiversity and environmental net gain.  If you would be interested in taking advantage of one of these free sessions then please do get in touch.  

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