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Following on from our article in November ‘Net Gain: Risk or Opportunity?’ we have, along with many others, been trying to get a better handle on the impact the Environment Bill will have, and how we can help our clients to maximise the opportunities from likely impacts.

Some early enquiries were along the lines of:

  • “What could be the impact on land values?”
  • “What date will be used for the baseline assessment?”
  • “How should we be feeding into the current consultation on the matrix?”
  • “What will be the impact on wider environmental net gain?”

All of those underpin the key actions identified in November; that is:

  1. Understand the baseline position for your sites and ensure that these are managed effectively to develop opportunities and control risks.
  2. Undertake trial assessments on existing and new projects to ensure that you effectively feed back into the current consultation.
  3. Understand the cost implications of development and purchase of biodiversity credits.
  4. Understand the impact on place and value of a shift in focus from wider public benefits to biodiversity.

If you would like to talk through the value of biodiversity net gain or wider environmental net gain , and how we might be able to support you and your organisation, please contact either Ian Dudley or John Lockhart on 01536 408840.

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