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The above surveys may be required if your application contains any of the following:

  • veteran trees (more than 100 years old, girth 1m+), cellars, ice houses, old mines and caves;
  • buildings with features suitable for bats, or large gardens in suburban and rural areas.  These features typically include loft spaces, hanging tiles, weather boarding, slate or clay tiled pitched roof, gable ends;
  • traditional timber-framed buildings (such as a barn or oast house);
  • meadows, grassland, parkland and pasture on the land or linked to the site (by similar habitat);
  • woodland scrub and hedgerows on (greater than 1m tall, 0.5m wide), or next to the site, including where changes in lighting proposed;
  • gravel pits, quarries, natural cliff faces, or rock outcrops; and
  • previously developed land, brownfield, derelict or railway land.

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