Ash Dieback: Resources

This web page has been designed to keep you informed of the latest guidance in relation to the management of Ash Dieback.

Should you have any concerns over ash dieback on yours or your clients site/s then please contact our consultants, full details of whom can be found at the bottom of this screen.


Position Statement

Lockhart Garratt’s position on the future of ash in the UK is that these trees have an important role to play in both the rural and urban environments. We advise our clients to take a balanced approach to the management of these assets in relation to the threat of ash dieback. 

It is important that we continue to recognise the silvicultural and commercial imperative of proactively managing woodlands but also recognise the significant benefits across our landscapes and ecosystems that ash trees provide.  Pragmatic management can minimise risks while seeking to maintain the presence of those heritably tolerant trees into the future.

Useful Documents & Links

You may find the following documents and links beneficial for further research.




Other Organisations: 


Click image above to download Lockhart Garratt’s Guidance Document ‘Ash Dieback: Advice for Clients’.


Get in touch with our team

For general tree management enquiries please contact:


    Stephen Westmore

    Senior Arboricultural Consultant

    • BSc (Hons), MSc, MICFor, MArborA.

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    For woodland management enquiries please contact:

      Cheryl Lundberg

      Senior Forestry Consultant and Head of Forestry & Woodland Management

      • BSc (Hons) MICFor

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        Justin Mumford

        Managing Director

        • BSc (Hons), MSc, FICFor, CEnv

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