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As winter’s chill grip starts to loosen and the first buds of the new growth emerge, this is a good moment to reflect on what has passed and what is to come.  The storms that have blown across the county in recent weeks have wreaked their own havoc, but not to the extent of years past.  When such events occur it brings into sharp focus the need to consider the question of whether ones trees are safe.  One of our consultants was unfortunate enough to witness the impact of a roadside tree failure on a passing car.  With the car written off and the occupant taken to a local hospital for checking over, he was reminded just how the consequence of nature’s forces are not always predictable and of how we need to prepare ourselves as much as possible.  Looking ahead, the bright lit uplands of spring draw us out of a winter hibernation and remind us afresh of the vitality of nature.

This is an excellent opportunity to review any trees on your land that may have been affected during the winter as the days grow brighter and longer.  New tools and new methodologies are emerging to assist our teams in undertaking their work and we are all always happy to help and answer your questions.

To read the Arboriculture Teams full March update please click here.

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