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This year has certainly been both unique and challenging, bringing with it changes that few of us could ever have foreseen on 1st January 2020.  However, challenge and adversity can also be powerful forces for promoting innovation, co-operation and efficiency.  At Lockhart Garratt, we have been extremely fortunate to be in a position to continue to work productively and effectively throughout the pandemic. We would like to thank you for your support over the last year, and for all the work and opportunities that you have sent our way.

The dawn of 2020 had promised a period of political stability that would help rebuild public trust and take us forward into a strong and independent future.  Little did we know what nature had in store for us.

However, in an amazing show of international solidarity, the world of science has risen to the challenge laid down by the pandemic, and with the vaccination programme rolling out across the country, we can now glimpse the light at the end of this tunnel.

One positive outcome of the current crisis has been an increased acknowledgement and understanding of the power of nature and the importance of the environment to both our health and wellbeing and our economic security.  As we move forward, Lockhart Garratt’s expertise and experience in these areas will enable us to support you and your businesses in the drive to thrive in this emerging environment.

Click here to read the full end of year report.

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