Minerals & Waste Restoration

This long-standing service focuses on providing solution-driven restoration, landscape and environmental management to mineral and waste operators. We work cooperatively with clients, neighbouring landowners and statutory authorities to achieve the best result for all parties.

By building a strong relationship with key environmental stakeholders and statutory consultees, we are able to bring a unique balance of innovative, pragmatic and cost-effective advice to a range of projects.

Minerals & Waste Services

Planning Rationalisation & Stakeholder Liaison

We have a strong background in minerals planning and can undertake a detailed review of all background and historic planning information.  We can then present this information in tabular format to focus on outstanding conditions and the measures required to address these.

Linking all documents back to specific areas of the site, through digital mapping of phase and planning boundaries, we are able to recommend the next steps in planning liaison, to resolve issues and collate future submissions for ease of management and approval.

We can undertake up front liaison with planning officers and structured site meetings, where required, to confirm the style and approach to a planning submission.

Our team work with clients to confirm information and to outline the priorities for the development.  This enables us to assist with the specific environmental and community aspects of the submission e.g. habitat design, woodland management and community engagement.

Further to this, we can prepare and amend both supporting and main planning documents in liaison with clients and co-consultants and can negotiate with local authorities for swift agreement of conditions / actions.

Land Survey & Management Planning

Our diverse professional team of surveyors, foresters, arboriculturists and ecologists are skilled in a wide range of integrated land surveys for environmental planning purposes.

The teams are also practical day-to-day managers of land and habitats and the pragmatic application of their knowledge feeds back very strongly into the data collection and client objectives.

Cost Engineered Landscape & Habitat Design

Our ability to understand the link between design and implementation cost allows us to offer restoration designs which prioritise the best use of land. We provide designs which offer suitable habitat and land use, being uniquely mindful to avoid areas far in excess of that needed to achieve planning for the core operations.

Our skills in daily budgeting and delivery of this implementation feed back into a design which is inexpensive, but also has a strong visual impact and habitat value. We have a team of two experienced graphic designers in-house who are fully conversant with ArcView and AutoCAD packages; these presentation skills have been brought to the fore on numerous large planning applications.

Implementation Management & Clerk of Works

In the current economic climate delivery at the right level has become all the more important. We understand the quantities and specifications for vital elements such as plant numbers; seeding rates; tree protection strategy and maintenance regime to deliver the best results within a tight budget.

Our innovative approach to habitat creation is supported through active participation in relevant industry bodies and strong experience, through continuing to secure high level instructions in the minerals and waste sector.

Restoration and Aftercare Management Plan (RAMP)

A Restoration and Aftercare Management Plan (RAMP) is an increasingly effective means of confirming site wide final restoration proposals for minerals and waste, and is welcomed by planning authorities across the UK.

Having collated planning conditions, site surveys and design details, we can pull these into an overarching planning document to confirm detailed methods for implementation of soil placement, ground modelling, seeding and planting.

This will set our a 5 year aftercare regime in tabular format to confirm weed control, mowing, pruning, reed cutting, thinning and all maintenance operations, always keeping delivery to an appropriate scale to cost-engineer the outcome.

Soil Survey & Advice

Getting the soils right is central to our environmental planning support and we provide a range of bespoke advice for minerals / waste companies and developers.  This starts with the survey of soil resources to inform planning applications and also final land use for restoration design.  We produce soils handling method statements and can supervise that work.

We are often instructed to monitor restoration work and are able to provide the evidence base through sampling and physical / chemical testing to support planning sign off.

Minerals & Waste Projects

The following are an example of the Minerals & Waste projects we have completed for our clients.

Minerals & Waste Team

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