Landscape & Green Infrastructure

Sound expertise in land management and landscape planning underpins our full suite of landscape architecture services for the residential, commercial, industrial and public building projects, through all RIBA work stages.

Based on our expert understanding of the natural world and our innovative and solution-based approach, you can turn to us for all aspects of green infrastructure on a local, city or district scale.

To find out more about how we can help you in this area contact Ian Dudley, Director, at [email protected].

Landscape Services

Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment

We are experienced in the production of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments for a range of developments and take a proportional approach to the nature and scale of development.

Using the digital terrain modelling software, LSS Elite, we can provide a more thorough analysis of a study area enabling us to prepare several outputs including cross-sections, fly-throughs and Zone of Theoretical Visibility assessments to better suit your LVIA requirements.

We can also provide CGI visualisations which can be used to effectively demonstrate the impact of your developments to better support your planning application.

Landscape Design & Specification

We are experienced in the production of high quality landscape design and specification drawings for residential and commercial development schemes, and new public buildings.

Our intrinsic knowledge of landscape management and delivery means that our schemes are specifically designed to maximise visual amenity whilst ensuring cost-effective and sustainable management into the future.

Landscape Management Plans

Management of landscape resources is a core strength of our business and we are able to use this expertise to formulate high quality, sustainable strategies and plans for the ongoing management of all open space types.

Our fundamental understanding of the cost implications of landscape management means that our schemes are proportionate and deliverable, and result in an ongoing improvement in the quality and value of these resources.

Green Infrastructure Planning & Design

We are proud to have been one of the first consultancies to offer specific green infrastructure advice and, over a decade later, we are nationally recognised for our pioneering approach to its integration into the planning process.

Through the provision of tried and tested planning documentation (Supporting Statements, Environmental Statement chapters, design reviews, implementation strategies, etc.) we can support planning applications where green infrastructure consideration is required and/or desired.

Expert Witness
With a combination of technical experience and academic knowledge our Landscape Team are able to provide advice and support for planning appeals.

Landscape Projects

The following are an example of the Landscape projects we have completed for our clients.

Landscape Team

Get in touch with one of the Landscape team to discuss your needs.

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