Forestry & Woodland Management

Our team of Chartered Foresters and Surveyors pride themselves on being some of the best in the country. We offer practical and solution-orientated advice on all aspects of Forestry and Woodland Management – from woodland creation to harvesting.

You can rely on us to complement and enhance your enterprise with the right level of service, taking time to understand the objectives for each woodland holding we manage.

To find out more about the services that we offer in this area contact Managing Director Justin Mumford at [email protected].

Forestry and Woodland Services

Forestry Management

Managing woodland is at the foundation of Lockhart Garratt and continues to be our core business. Our current portfolio includes traditional mixed estates, utility companies, investment woodland, farm woodlands and amenity owned woodland. Expert and pragmatic, we deliver solutions that “make things happen” whilst also satisfying legislative requirements and getting the most from timber markets and available grant support.

Operational Management

A clear understanding of what the end result needs to be and communicating this very clearly with all parties is something that the Lockhart Garratt team takes pride in delivering. There is always a high attention to detail on any operation we are managing which always pays off in the long run.

Timber Sales

Realising the true value of your woodland products is the lifeblood of economic woodland management. We can assist you on all aspects of timber sales – from knowing what you have and how to present it to the market, to where it should be going and what price to expect.

Details of current and future timber sales activities are updated here.

Grant Applications

There are grants available to support sustainable woodland management activities. With a very detailed understanding of these complex grants, we can assist you in taking full advantage of securing an important income stream for your woodland.

New Woodland Design

New woodland creation needs to be given careful consideration as you only have one opportunity to get it right. We have designed and helped create over 900 ha of woodland in recent years, from shelter belts and small woodland extensions to large woodland creation schemes.

Our support in conscientious design and accurate project budgeting can have significant long-term effects ensuring success for your woodland creation scheme.


A significant feature of all new planting is its potential to soak up carbon from the atmosphere. A standard hectare of broadleaved plantation may sequester around 400 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) across a projected lifetime of 100 years, and owners’ rights to this asset must be registered within two years of planting. Whether carbon is to be sold straight away to offset establishment costs or held as a strategic asset, we can ensure your woodland is best placed to attract carbon purchasers when required.

Woodland Evaluation

Whether you are an owner looking to sell or you wish to acquire a woodland property, we can help you to understanding the opportunities and constraints associated with woodland, including potential volume and value of standing timber.

Lockhart Garratt have assisted owners wishing to sell woodland as well as private individuals and NGOs interested in the purchase of woodland.

Forestry and Woodland Projects

The following are an example of the Forestry and Woodland projects we have completed for our clients.

Forestry and Woodland Team

Get in touch with one of the Forestry and Woodland team to discuss your needs.

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